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Kohler® Sterling Shower and Tub Units Kohler.gif

AO Smith VertexTM Natural Gas/Propane Water Heaters ao-smith.gif

A. O. Smith Vertex power-vent and power direct-vent gas water heaters are ENERGY STAR® qualified and, with their standard footprint, they’re the natural choice for replacement when upgrading your water heater.

AO Smith Voltex®Hybrid Electric Heat Pump

The Voltex® hybrid electric heat pump water heater more than lives up to its impressive reputation. The 50 and 80-gallon models use heat pump technology, which means more energy stored, resulting in increased savings. And the consumer-friendly display is simple to operate and provides easy-to-understand feedback on operational status.

AO Smith Tankless Water Heater

A. O. Smith tankless units provide you with endless hot water in one of the most energy-efficient ways possible.

Heat exchangers are constructed of HRS35 commercial-grade copper and 316L stainless steel to protect against corrosion.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater rinnai.gif

Designed for efficiency: Rinnai’s tankless technology features copper heat exchangers to provide maximum efficiency, and easily meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications and uses up to 40 percent less energy* than a traditional tank.

Save energy: By operating only when hot water is needed, and no storage tank to heat and reheat water, our tankless technology helps save on energy and utility costs. The use of an electronic igntion means no standing pilot light that constantly uses energy.

A smart investment: Increase your home’s value with premium technology, energy efficiency and an improved Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score. Available energy efficiency rebates and tax credits offer the opportunity to help make your purchases more affordable.

Multiple sizes: Rinnai gives you options to right-size your installation and customize your efficiency.

Replace parts, not systems: Every part of a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater is replaceable. Components can be easily exchanged, if needed, versus replacing the entire system.

Liberty Brand Sump Pumps

Zoeller Brand Sewage Ejector Pumpszoeller.gif

Guardian sump pump backupguardian.gif

Emergency water powered backup sump pump. Protect your property during power outages or sump pump failure. Applications- Designed for ground water, sump crocks in homes, motels, and hotels, schools, industrial buildings, computer and record storage rooms.

InSinkErator® Garbage Disposals insinkerator.gif

Because a garbage disposal causes a reduction of what is placed in the garbage, it can help eliminate bacteria and pungent odors caused from rotting food. This makes for a safer and more pleasant living environment.

Charger Water Treatment Products Water softeners

If there are stains or


buildup on your sinks and bathtubs...if you have to use large amounts of soap to clean dishes or wash your hair...or if your water tastes or smells odd, you probably have hard water.

If left untreated, the minerals in hard water will cause yellow stains on plumbing fixtures and be deposited as scale, eventually clogging plumbing and shortening the life of appliances like washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers. Scale deposits not only cut down on the efficiency of these appliances, they cost you money, increasing both energy and maintenance bills.

Charger Water Treatment Products Iron & H₂S Filters

If your water has the sulfur odor of “rotten eggs”, if there are iron stains on your sinks and bathtubs, if you use large amounts of soap to clean dishes, wash your hair or suffer the “orange hair” effect sometimes caused by iron water, you probably have water that can be successfully treated with an IronBreaker III iron and H2S removal system.

Left untreated, these minerals will cause yellow/brown stains on fixtures and clothing, clogged pipes and appliances, shortened service lives for dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters, all adding to the cost of maintaining appliances while increasing the amount of energy consumed in your home.

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